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Põhjaka Restaurant

Põhjaka Manor (pohjaka.ee) is located in Central Estonia close to the Tallinn-Tartu-Võru-Luhamaa Road, in between the two largest Estonian cities of Tallinn and Tartu. The history of the manor dates back to the year 1811.

We arrived to the abandoned Põhjaka Manor in 2007 after years of career in Tallinn's finest restaurants. Despite the poor condition of the building we had a dream of opening a restaurant there – a restaurant where all the raw material used would be of local Estonian origin and the cooking would be done on wood fire.

It took us three years to establish the restaurant. Most of the construction and renovation works was done with our own hands. The Restaurant was finally opened to the public on 2nd June , 2010. As agreed from the very beginning, the Restaurant holds a large wood-burning stove to cook on and even a larger wood-fired masonry oven serving our diners since the opening day. To some the manor building itself is still incomplete and rough, to others the impression is elegant and natural. In any case the Restaurant and its household grows at its own natural pace – from a small herb garden to a larger potager, the rhubarb field, greenhouse, smoker oven, beehives, the chickens and the pigs you see today. Seasons change – some are more challenging, others more fertile and encouraging. Naturally leavened fresh rye bread, sour dough wheat bread, liver pâté and smoked ham were the first home-made deli products prepared for our customers. Now we also have Põhjaka's salami and prosciutto ham – the first of that kind in Estonia. As historically appropriate to a manor house we have established a distillery next to the Restaurant where the beloved Sea-Buckthorn Schnapps is now prepared! 

More and more our customers were asking for our products to take home so we recently launched Põhjaka’s Culinary that enables us to make the same simple and fresh products of Estonian taste and origin accessible also to a larger public. Our leavened rye bread and chicken liver pate are the first products available in stores in Tallinn and Tartu. 

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Põhjaka mõis, Mäeküla 72604, Paide vald, Järvamaa